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Wednesday May 8th - 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Skylight 3

Spirited 18-year-old Lee Grove, an expert on horseback, has grown up on an idyllic equestrian ranch. On the brink of graduating from high school, she's still unclear about what she wants to do in life.

But she knows she wants to do something of significance. She hatches a plan to undertake the great adventure of traveling cross-country by horseback, believing it will inspire a clearer vision of her future.

Twenty-year-old Jordan Bishop is an ambitious academic and athletic standout. He plans to fuse the two passions by moving from junior college to a major university after accepting an athletic scholarship out West. He's got his sights set high.

But when a tragedy impacts their dreams, their friendship unexpectedly escalates, blossoming into a romance. While some of their friends and family are in support, critical voices begin to be heard.

As the opposition becomes more overt, Lee and Jordan are forced to confront that they still must navigate a landmine of relational turmoil. They both must decide if their dreams are worth fighting for...if they can make a world where they have a future together.

Director(s): Brian Baugh

Writer(s): Brian Baugh, George D. Escobar, Chris Dowling

Producer(s): Ken Carpenter, George D. Escobar, Brian Baugh

Editor(s): Chris Witt

Cinematographer(s): Sam Sullivant

Production Designer(s): Felicia Goebel

Music Composer(s): Tyler Michael Smith

Caleb Castille (Jordan Bishop), Rose Reid (Lee Grove), Kevin Sizemore (Jeff Grove), Gregory Alan Williams (Thomas Bishop)