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Sweet Inspirations


Saturday May 11th - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Skylight 1

When a local shelter for victims of domestic abuse falls on hard times, spirited housewife Maggie Greene (Cassie Self) hatches a unique fundraising scheme by convincing Bonnie (Maria Canlas-Barrera) and their friends of the Women's Outreach Group to join them in selling biblically inspired gourmet cupcakes from an abandoned pizza parlor. In the process, the ladies learn the power of Christian service and transform their community, their loved ones and each other.

Director(s): Brittany Yost

Writer(s): Brittany Yost, Tommy Blaze, Ben Barker

Producer(s): Kerri Elder, Blake Elder, Demara Titzer, Leslie Armour, Shelley Needham

Editor(s): Joseph Sandival

Cinematographer(s): Chris Stacey

Production Designer(s): Mitchell Crisp

Music Composer(s): Pancho Burgos Goizueto

Maria Canals-Barrera(Bonnie) Verda Davenport(Chonda) Natalie Canerday(Diana), Dean Cain(Greg) Katherine Forbes(Ms. Ruth Deveraux), Cassie Self(Maggie) Vanessa Angel(Valerie)