Saturday May 11th - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
The Meteor

Revival! is a thoroughly innovative celebration of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ through faith, film, and theatre. A Gospel musical based on the poetic Book of John, Revival! is a letter from Jesus to a troubled and ever-contemporary world. Our journey begins with a live Passion Play in a contemporary metropolis and expands from there into a world of vibrant image and immersive sound. Revival! Is an authentic expression of Black Faith in form and intention. It is also a unique way to re-imagine a renewal of the everlasting and joyous creative spirit of the black church experience! We all know this story, but we've never seen it, heard it or felt it like this.

Director(s): Danny Green

Writer(s): Harry Lennix, Holly Carter

Producer(s): David Waite, Holly Carter

Editor(s): Nicholas Casucci, Alexander Tuschinski, Paul Skorich, Emma Hickox

Cinematographer(s): Keith L. Smith

Production Designer(s): Lina Gasperaviciute

Music Composer(s): Mali Music, ELEW

Mali Music (Jesus) T'Keyah Chrystal Keymah (Rebah) Harry Lennix (Pilate) Chaka Khan (Herodias) Dawnn Lewis (Cleo)