Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl

/Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl

Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl


Friday May 10th - 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
The Meteor

Saturday May 11th - 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
The Meteor

At 18, Kate Nash reached the stratosphere of pop music, vaulting from a working-class family in North London into worldwide tours, a platinum record, and a season dominating the music charts. She becomes the soundtrack to many young women’s lives by broaching the ordinary of female teenagehood that others deem too petty or insignificant to merit recording. From the onset she is unafraid to speak her mind; when asked how it feels to win Best Female Artist at the BRIT Awards, Kate answers “female is not a genre.”

A few years later, Kate is breaking down, nearly homeless. Defrauded by her manager and dropped by an industry that cannot find a place for her in the girl-pop machine, Kate sets out to build a better world, dedicated to the artist as creator, not a commodity.

From pop wonder to riot grrrl to women’s rights avatar, Kate’s journey is an inspiring call to the creative heart in all of us: be fearless. This high-energy, female-centered rock odyssey is a celebration of artists that care more about a beauty that breaks hearts, than a product that fills wallets. And it asks the audience: how much longer will the true artists survive?

Director(s): Amy Goldstein

Writer(s): n/a

Producer(s): Anouchka van Riel, Amy Goldstein

Editor(s): Caitlin Dixon, Troy Takaki

Cinematographer(s): Amy Goldstein, Lee Jones, Nick Kane, Mitch Arens

Music Composer(s): Kate Nash

Kate Nash, Alicia Warrington, Linda Buratto, Emma Hughes, Kate Craig, Marie Nash, Tom Biller, Jarrad Kritzstein, Frederik Thaae, Brett Lomas, John Kennedy, Jeff Ellis