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**Tickets for this film are available at “Episodic Competition 2018 Block 1” – please search there for screening times and tickets.**

BEAST is an anthology series about small towns in America and the actual monster stories that haunt them. Set on the eerie maritime landscape of Smith Island, BEAST, Season 1 centers around the perplexing disappearance of a fisherman named Christopher Press, and his determined teenage son who, despite being warned of a formidable sea-monster that lurks in the water, will stop at nothing to find his father and figure out once and for all why people keep disappearing on Smith Island.

Director(s): Ben Strang

Writer(s): Ben Strang

Producer(s): Jonathan Maurer, Lara Pictet, Ben Strang

Editor(s): Manuel Crosby

Cinematographer(s): David Bolen

Music Composer(s): Nicholas Jacobson-Larson

Elijah Mayo (Daniel), Chantal Nchako (Michelle), Jay Potter (John Barkley), Helen Hedman (Pastor Claire)